Company History

  • 1994

    PFC Classic Dining Restaurant Group's First Denny's Location

    Our first Denny’s location was our North Aurora location in December.

  • 1994

    Company's 1st Year Anniversary

    PFC’s company anniversary is December 5th, 1994

  • 1996

    PFC's First Wisconsin Denny's Location

    Our first Wisconsin Denny’s location was our Waukesha location in 1996

  • 1998

    PFC's First Denny's Indiana Location in Michigan City

    Our First Denny’s Indiana location was Michigan city 1998

  • 2009

    PFC's Ruby Tuesday's Location Opened

    Our Ruby Tuesday’s opened in January 2009

  • 2013

    PFC Moves Corporate Headquarters

    PFC office moves corporate headquarters from CRYSTAL LAKE to Algonquin 2013

  • 2015

    PFC Restaurant Group Expansion

    PFC currently owns and operates 27 Denny’s locations and 1 Ruby Tuesday location